Sell your products easily on crazylisting

Are you looking for a hassle free way to sell your products online? You want to try and build a business online maybe but don’t have the resources to create a brand from scratch and open an online store on your own? Well, look no further because we have the perfect buy and sell solution in the form of our website.

Why use Crazylisting?

If you are starting out as a small scale entrepreneur, maybe just you or maybe as a group of friends, chances are you don’t have all that much cash to invest. And you can’t afford to lose any significant amounts of money. Well, with our website that issue of yours is resolved! You can join our website free of charge and easily set up your online marketplace. If you were to be designing your own website for selling your products then you would either have had to learn web designing and coding skills or hire a website developer. We’ve already taken care of all that for you. Just join the site and start selling.

Will the website charge a commission?

Yes, to keep the website running smoothly and be able to hire people to smooth out any glitches we will of course need to charge a commission. But not to worry, we will only charge a 10 percent commission, no more! And this will be after your product has sold. We will never charge for simply uploading a product and definitely not on unsold items.

What can I sell through your website?

Practically anything! We have a vast category of items that you can sell which includes electronics, books, CDs, DVDs, toys, cars and buses and any other items that you can think of to market online. Not only these tangible things, we also allow you to use the website to market your business online such as your auto shop or plumbing business or painting services or any other service you might be selling. We even have a section for real estate and ad agencies listing. We have kept a vast range of categories to maximize our customer base so you can be sure your business will be getting a lot of views.

So head on over and register with our website and start your online business today. With our help, selling online will be a breeze. Let the entrepreneur in you shine!