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Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to where we help buyers meet sellers . We have classified platform that everyone can search, buy, sell any items , real estates, vehicles, jobs, services, websites and traffics.

 You can offer your service for those users on the website who are there to get some work done. So simple, you work from your computer and earn money at home. .

posting ad is free , so why not post your ad now.


Registering on crazylisting is now a very simple process. It takes only few seconds to register and post your Ads.

Step 1:
Click “Register” tab in the header of the page.

Step 2:
Please enter the following data correctly

  • Username (Check availability of your user name)
  • Password
  • Valid Email Address
  • Country
  • Captcha

Please enter your valid mail address to
 To Get your user name & Password in mailbox
 Post Ads
 Get replies to Ads
 Get alerts and special offers from crazylisting

Once you submit the above information, A confirmation will be send out to you and after confirmation link clicked you become a registered user of the crazylisting and can post Ads, manage your Ads and participate in social discussions.

Registration allows you to:

Get your own User name and password

 Edit, delete and check replies to your Ads

 Helps you participate in the social discussions

View and manage your Ads

 Modify/ edit/ delete your Ads

 Check replies to your Ads

Repost your Ads after they expire

 Update your profile

Login helps you to access your account and your Ads posted on the site.

Step 1
Click the “Login” link on the top right side of the site.

Step 2
If you have a crazylisting user name or valid email id and password to sign into your account in their space provided.

  - If you do not have a crazylisting account, you can enter the valid email address  with which you post Ads and we will send you a mail with a link to access your ads.The link will lead you to your My crazylisting account where you can view edit, delete and check replies to your Ads.

Free Ads

   You can Browse listings when you're not sure what you're looking for  or when you simply want to explore the range of items on crazylisting or in  particular category.

You  can also Search for items when you are looking for a specific item that you can describe using a few words followed by categories,country,state and few thing about search things.

         No. You can post as many as ads you like.


Any spam ,fake, fraud and clone ads according to our term of use will be deleted.

    Those interested in your Ad can message you after seeing add.

 Once you login you can check message link whether you got reply or not , further that you will receive mail to your registered mail address.

You can choose to respond, give additional information about your ad and also you can  chat securely at crazylisting with client.


User's who violate crazylisting Terms of Use and Listing Polices, will not be able to post Ads.

 However, you can  contact us regarding the issue.


Posting an ad on crazylisting is very easy and takes only few minutes.

Simply click on PostAd  and choose category such as  real estate,vehicles , services....etc

Yes, you can high light Ad by selecting the premium available while you posting adds.

Currently on crazylisting expire after 20 days. After that, postings will be removed from the site.

Yes. You can include personal contact information in your normal ad postings except in service seeking section.

in service seeking your personal contact will not show to public

Once you login in your crazylisting account  , in he menu click on MyAds and from that you can delete or edit your adds.

Password must contain both numeric and alphabetical character.

Password should be in minimum length of 6 characters.

 Please change your password after a frequently to avoid misusing.

 After login to crazylisting you can change your password by clicking Profile on the menu..

Yes. Only crazylisting members allow to post ads.


Becoming a member in crazy listing has many advantages including:

- View and manage your Ads
 - Modify/ edit/ delete your Ads
 - Check replies to your Ads
- Repost your Ads after they expire
 - Update your profile

Becoming a member takes only 2 mins and easy

Premium ad

Premium Ads on crazylisting are charged different rates based on the type of Premium Ads you take.

To view price for premium ads you need to.

1. enter post free ad page

2. Click on show more options

Listing Fees for your Premium ad are NOT refundable.
Refund available if your ad not showing in active status
Yes, you can renew your Premium ad after 7 days.
Yes you have options to select both types of Premium ads for the same ad. You  will just need to pay the additional fees as per the Premium ad fees applicable.
Yes, you can continue to post free ads on Crazylisting.
Yes, you can edit your Premium ad through the My ads section in Crazylisting.
Yes you can check your Premium ads as well as edit them when required from My Ads section.
Yes, All Premium ads go live to site immediately after payment has been confirmed
All ads on crazylisting stay on site for 20 days as long as they meet the Listing Policy and Terms Of Use of the website.

 All Premium ads currently whether EMERALD, RUBY, SAPPHIRE or BILL BOARD stay as a Premium ad on the website for 7 days.

After the first 7 days they continue to be active on the site for another 13 days as a normal ad. ( Not in a premium position ).

Currently, we offer 2 modes of payment options for Premium ads:

1) Credit/Debit payment through paypal.
2) Paypal payment.

You can choose either of these options to pay for your Premium ad.

More details about these are part of the Post Ad process at Crazylisting.

All Premium Ads are easily recognizable.

Emerald :  They appear in image gallery at the Top of the page.

Ruby : They are further highlighted in peach color background with urgent image in right side and the same shows in top of the lists for increased visibility.

Sapphire :They are further highlighted in peach color background with urgent image in right side for increased visibility.

Bill board : This show in the  top of the page like TV ads in the left or right of selected page

You need to first start posting your ad on crazylisting. As part of the Post ad flow, you will have an option to either post your ad as a normal ad or a Premium paid ad.

 At this stage,  you can select for a Premium ad option.
Premium ads help you make your ad more visible, reach out to more consumers and sell your product or service faster.
Any individual or business who meets crazylisting’s Listing policy and Terms of Use can choose premiums.
This optional Premium ad is available as part of the Post ad flow while posting an ad.

Premium ads help you make your ad more visible,reach out to more consumers and sell your product or service faster.

Banners And Advertising on crazylisting

Banners are a way to advertise and promote your business and be seen by 1000's people daily. banners can be posted in different sections with different sizes.

Prices are varied. you can view banner prices and sizes in

banners ads are showing randomly. It means by refreshing page you will see different banners.

Banner shows randomly.

By refreshing page different banners shows so you need keep refreshing page till your can see your banner.

Considering lots of banners advertise in crazy listing so it might take sometimes to view own banner but we guarantee to display

your banner in our website .

Service Seeking

Service seeking follow 3 easy steps.

  • Customer can post ad and request what it needs to be done.
  • Business or service provider can bid on customer post with the best offer and service.
  • Customer then choose the best provider.

Posting ad for customer is free

Service provider will pay  commission if they win the project.

After wining the project and commission paid to crazy listing paypal account then all the contact

information from customer including email, phone number will be mailed to service provider.

Business directory

A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists all businesses within some category. Businesses can be categorized by business, location, activity, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software.
You need to be member at crazylisting.

After login to website in the menu click on create directory.

You can view all directories at :

For the first 30 days it's free.

you can view total prices at :

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